Stories of Hope

"The key point to fight depression is to accept."

May 2021
Neil Chakraborty

I was in std. IX when my dad was Transfered to Sambalpur. I had recently lost my best friend, one of the most trusted people of my life. I was in need of a support. Everything was new to me. And eventually, I made a huge blunder in choosing friends, probably the biggest mistake of my life. They misused my innocence and love what I had for them as persons and exposed me to addictions.

"There are some negatives and positives of everything that happens in life, we just need to find our light at the end of the tunnel."

December 2020

TUG OF WAR “Why are you being so moody?” “Why are you so quiet?” “Suddenly you seem more cheerful than usual.” “Why are you such a cry baby?” “People like you should be put in a mental institution.”

"It's really important to understand that mental health is important just like physical health."

December 2020
Vidushi Karnatic

I was happily Living with my Parents and my younger sister in Delhi Utterly ignorant of the cycle of time. When I was 2 Years old My Father Went into Depression , My mother started a job , my Maternal Grandfather and Grandmother started taking care of me and my sister , I was Left all alone , Never got the love I want from my parents , I couldn't even celebrate my Birthday with my parents , For...

"Growing up and giving my life a meaningful turn is what I learned from my tryst with depression."

December 2020

Being a daughter of a School van driver; I grew up in Mumbai chawl in a traditional middle-class family. I was told to choose an educational path because it gives the financial stability in our Indian culture.

"There are days when I just want to lie in bed and cry my heart out. But on most days I feel thankful to be alive."

December 2020
Priyanka Biswas

I am grateful to have finally embarked on the journey of healing.

"After medication, stage by stage I recovered and got my new life of happiness"

December 2020
Parvathy S. Pillai

For me it started with a fear I couldn't recognize what I am afraid of .I used to experiance it at around 8 o'clock night it continued for 3 days.from the next day I had this for the whole day. I am an extrovert but suddenly I was not able to talk to anyone some thing was pulling me back.after that I stayed with my friend but nothing changed.i spoke to my mother about this, then I took counse...

"To those who get to read this, I hope you feel less alone and more empowered."

November 2020
Dhriti Malhotra

Sometimes I stare at the railing on my balcony. It looks really messy and dirty because it hasn’t been cleaned in ages. I just like looking at it. Most of the time I’m not even thinking about it when I’m looking at it. In fact, I’m mostly just thinking about how the world works, how flawed the structures that hold this god forsaken universe are. I reckon the amount of people who live their live...

"The journey of overcoming my anxiety has been a journey of recalibrating my beliefs, my entire being, and finding my passion for work and life."

November 2020
Deepika Srivastava

At 21, I realised that I had been in anxiety for more than 10 years, and considered that to be my "normal". Now at 26, I finally feel "normal", or to be honest, just like another unique human being.

"Be aware of what you're going through."

October 2020
Nandhini Muralidharan

Be aware Before Sharing my story.I wanna say why I'm sharing it. Because of my extreme carelessness attitude, Till now I'm suffering it shouldn't happen to any other person for people's knowledge to help someone who take it as chill!... Be aware of what you're going through.

“It all started with a minor headache”
January, 2019
Varnika Goel

“It all started with a minor headache. It all started with a minor setback. There were minute things which anyone wouldn’t notice like withdrawal from all activities which used to interest a person earlier. I thought that it is just a phase.”

I was in 11th standard. We shifted to a new place. Everything was new- friends, school and environment. I thought I am anxious about this change. However, it continued. I withdrew myself from any social interaction. I started preparing for my Engineering exams. I diverted all my energy towards it.”

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